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Our Story

Lals Software Services was born in 2008, we are the authorised and exclusive distributor for construction software RIB CCS in India. RIB CCS solutions is developed for contractors for estimating, project control, cost and enterprise management. We focus on enhancing control, compliance, efficiency & profit. 

Our Vision

We strive to provide effective project control technology to the

construction industry.


RIB CCS is a construction software compromising of Candy & Buildsmart providing specialised cost control and project management software to the construction and engineering industry. RIB CCS enables a holistic view of every stage of the project lifecycle in delivery of the constructed environment. 



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Complete Solution

Our complete cost and enterprise management solution, comprising of Candy and BuildSmart, integrates real-time Project Estimating & Control and Enterprise Cost Management and is fully compliant with international accounting standards.

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BuildSmart is a fully integrated construction enterprise management system. It brings together all sources of cost - from procurement, payroll and overheads to plant and equipment, stores and workshops. Ideal for any organisational or joint venture structure, it offers full multiple currencies.

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The ultimate project estimating and control tool, Candy has been designed for the construction & engineering industry by those who know it best.

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Combining best of breed technology and industry-leading expertise, C5 is the next generation in cloud-based estimating software designed to help you efficiently compile accurate estimates —anywhere, anytime! Using innovative cloud technology, C5 features cutting-edge tools that take construction project tendering to the next level.



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We chose Candy from a pool of software and our decision was vindicated. It exceeded our expectations in terms of performance. Today, Candy has become the way of tendering for all infrastructure related projects – be it EPC, item rate, or cost plus. Finally, the most important aspect is its security features. It makes the data tamper-proof which is crucial in any good tendering software.



—  Sandeep Desai, ex - Executive Vice President, IT & Information Process Group

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